5 Signs That Can Distinguish a Natural Physique or Steroids Physique

Some of you might be want to know about other people who have a big muscle,

Are they bodybuilding naturally or use steroids?

So here are 5 sign that can help you understand the difference.

1. "Trapezius" popping too large

Having thick trapezius muscles does make your neck look big and strong. You will also look dashing when viewed from behind. But if you see a bodybuilder with trapezius muscles that are too large, then chances are steroids have a share in them.

Why is that?

Androgenic-anabolic steroids are hormones that can only work when they meet with androgenic-receptors. Now the "trapezius" is a part of the body where there are many androgenic receptors. Also in general, the trapezius muscle can rarely be large even though it has been trained hard. But it is possible if it is a genetic factor.

2. Delts Popping With Fullness

This can be as sign of steroids, because the reason that same with before - androgenic receptor. Delts also a muscle that has many androgenic receptors. So if someone has BOWLING BALL delts, yes, it was definitely steroids. But, keep in mind these areas can be developed naturally as well through proper training or genetic factor.

3. With FFMI Scale

This is sign with scientific based method. FFMI or "Fat Free Mass Index" accounts for how much muscle you have on your body regardless of how much fat you have. This is what the scale looks like. Keep in mind the numbers below are for LEAN (under 10% body fat) guys. If someone is built like a sumo wrestler or linebacker, they can probably get away with holding more lean body mass naturally.

4.Disproportionate Head Size and Body Ratio

Have you ever seen bodybuilding that has a very large body, but its head size is smaller so it's disproportionate? Certainly a lot of not.

Improper muscle growth does make the body look unsymmetrical. Especially the small head parts, while the body muscles grow very large

5. Body Changes

The last sign difference between natural and unnatural bodybuilding is body changes. Of course there are differences between muscles that are trained with weights and muscles that are filled with testosterone. Bodybuilding that make up natural muscles only undergo changes in muscle growth and decreased fat. But bodybuilding steroids have more changes.

For example is in women. Basically women can not form muscle like men because the testosterone hormone that is in the female body is very low. But after using the steroid, their bodies can be as muscle-related as Mr. Olympia's participants, and it can changes sound and some other body parts, such as shrinking breasts, pimples and much more.

While in men is the breast will enlarge (gynecomastia), hair loss, and acne.