5 Ways To Get Abs Without Gym - Quick and Easy

Before you read this whole article, let me tell you this.
"Everyone actually had abs beneath their belly,
what makes different is some people ignore about the fat layer that is covering it,
and other people is trying to pop-up their abs, and grind them. So which one are you?"

I know you are the second one, because you choose to learn about get abs. So read this and practice.

How to quickly build six pack abs at home without gym

Building abdominal muscles is not have to be done in the gym, for those of you who might not have time, or constrained by costs. You can still build your abdominal muscles at home.

1. Arms-high partial sit up

Sit ups are the most common and simplest way to build abdominal muscles. If you are bored doing regular sit ups, you can try Arms-high partial sit ups where this movement requires you to raise your arms while doing sit ups.

2. Leg raise

You need to lie down to do one of these abdominal muscles. After lying down, lift both legs at the same time then lower. Do it with a few reps.

3. Stabillity ball knee tuck

"Your muscles have slow-twitch and fast-twitch fibres but when you hold a weight in a static position you use both sets of fibres,” says Lee Archer, director of Pro Fitness. So with this stabillity ball and hold your body at least ten second, your muscle must be awaken. The stabillity ball can be substitute by other thing like chair or bed.

4. Plank

This is the simplicied of the way before. This no need ball, it just your body get a position and hold the position at least ten second. It so many plank type, you can improve the overall strength of all the muscles used to stabilise the lower back and hips.

5. Weighted sit up

Want to have strong upper abdominal muscles? Perform weighted sit ups by placing weights in the upper abdomen.

This is important message, building abs is not different with building muscle (abs is muscle too). So It must be through the stages of crunch and also recover.
People make mistake when they go in and do 200 reps of an abs exercise everyday. It so dangerous and no wonder if finally they get a hernia. To build your abs, do just ten to 15 reps, afterthat try to increase the intensity by adding more sets. Don't forget to leave one day in between abs sessions to allow the muscles to recover.

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