Best Beginner Fitness Tips (and what beginner mistake)

Beginners who just gym usually prefix often question, what to eat, what the exercise?
Here will I share tips for beginner fitness.

First Tips : Training

Beginners may be often to watch exercises videos, or observe other people's exercises at the gym. It make them want to do the same, e.g. train chest, may want to do 4 or 5 exercises. Well here's what needs fixing.

All things including exercising body muscles, need to be done step by step

So basically the body will adapt. For example, in intensity, train it can be initially once times a week-twice a week-three times a week, there is no problem, body will adapt.

The exercises are the same, try the light weight first, no problem, plan training in the movement first. don't try too fast, try with relax, feel the muscles that you train.

After train muscle connection, and after coordination feels better, at that time the load can be added, can be accelerated movements etc.

In essence, there are some basic movements that I think is good for beginners by choosing the types of basic movements for each muscle.
E.g :

For the chest,

we choose the most comfortable when done, usually people choose pressing. Chess Press Movement
For the shoulder, the most basic movements are usually shoulder press. Can use dumbbell, can use barbell. can use the machine. Whatever the important shoulder press. Why better shoulder press than side lateral? For the foundation, we should focus on the compound movement, so the movement involving more than two joints

For feet.

The basic movement for feet is a leg press

To back,

there are two approaches that are upper back can choose pull up or pull down, for lower back may be able to deadlift.

For the hand,

Biceps exercises essentially a Biceps curl. Can use a dumbbell, can use a barbell, cable, or machine. Triceps exercises are Triceps extension or push down.

For the last, you can train the abs,

train with sit up, or leg up.

for beginners, please exercise with full range of motion. The burden is mild first.

Do not carry the ego

Just relax, don't follow the ego. Lightweight only at first, the longer the more accustomed, the body is more adaptable, then the load can be increasingly added. The sign to add the load if 12 times still can, the load must be added. If 6 times it feels hard, it means enough.

Well for beginners, we recommend training all muscle. But choose one type of movement for each muscle. Perform 3 Sets or 4 sets.
Tip: Try to train a week 3 times.

Second Tips : Nutrition

Most beginners are too giddy thinking about how to eat, chicken or egg. What milk is appropriate. What a good supplement.
In fact for beginners, nutrition are not too difficult.
In this way, our mouths are a source of health and a source of sick, if you can choose a good type of food to make you healthy.

4 Rules about nutrition

1. Choosing the right Source

For beginners, it's better to learn about food. Learn about the macronutritions, our bodies need carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Do not deprivation. So choose the food that has at least 3 needs of the body.

2. Choosing the right cooking

cooking, how to cook source affects the number of calories. So it relates to the dose later.

3. Choose the right Schedule

Put simply, eat before it is too hungry, stop before it is too full.

4. Choosing the right dosage

The calorie dose, can be calculated based on the source we eat, adjust to your needs. For beginners do not be afraid of carbohydrate food. Carbohydrates are then also use as a source of energy for our weight training. For beginners whose body fat is still high, preferably after training muscles, cover with cardio exercises also because the expectation can use body fat as a source of energy.

Then beginners often think that he needs to determine what supplements are suitable. However, the supplement is said to mean additional food. Actually, what you need to think about is your main food in the first time, the daily food.