Best Fitness Tips For Ectomorph Type (Skinny People)

Are you an ectomorph? Someone who is skinny?
Want more body contains but you do not know how?
Please read this article until it end.

What is Ectomorph?

Ectomorph is a person who from nature is already thin. Many types of people's body types in this world, some of which are already obese nature, there are from muscular nature, and this is also from nature is indeed thin (ectomorph).

Before starting on this topic, I would like to say that no person is 100% ectomorph, so this is in the genes of everyone mixed, the percentage of the level of each person is different.

So let's get started, fitness tips for ectomorph type:

1. Nutrition

Of course that can form a more body contain, for the first to note is nutrients.
If your body is thin, and want to be more contained, surely you should keep is your calorie surplus.
This means you have to eat more calories than you use.
Aim for a surplus of calories around 500 cal, because the ectomorph type has a rapid metabolism. An easy way to get surplus is to eat a lot.

2. Exercise


Try doing exercises with 8-12 Repetition.
Don't practice with a little reps, don't too much. The reps are suitable for ectomorph is 8-12 times.

Types of Exercises

Then do exercises with compound movement, compound movement is multi-joint movements that work several tonifies or muscle groups at one time. For example bench press, squat, deadlift, or military press. Try for those of you who are into the gym, use that free weight do not use machine or tool. Then gradually use heavier loads. So that your muscles are getting bigger.

Training time

Get used to doing exercises with a duration of 60-90 minutes. Don't take too long. Don't be too briefly too.
Longer doesn't mean it's better.

No Cardio

Many people love cardio workouts, not wrong indeed. But if you are skinny, do not at all cardio. but if you want basketball, or the football. Yes cardio is okay. But if in the gym, do not cardio at all.

3. Supplements

This is for extra only, in the beginning i was told that you need to get surplus calories, by eating a lot.
But for some people it may be a boring if eating a lot. So can be solved by using the supplements.
Choose a weightgainer, do not select whey, do not select amino, do not select BCAA. Just select a Weightgainer, because Wightgainer contains proteins and carbo. So it is suitable for type ectomorph. Also use Creatin, to accelerate recovery and muscle formation.