Exercises tips at Work (without looking silly)

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Hi I'm James at MeVSFitness and today I'll be covering some exercises and stretches that you can do while you're sitting at your desk.

Most of us do work in office environments where we sit for prolonged periods of time and so these are some stretches and exercises that will help get you moving during the day and relieve some of the tension that's built up from sitting.

1. So the first thing that we'll start with is to warm up our shoulders,

To do that we'll just make big circles going backwards with our shoulders. we'll do that a few times.
After we've gone backwards a few times, we'll reverse it and now go forward
then we've rolled our shoulders a few times

2. Another thing we can do to loosen up the shoulder joint is to stick your arms out to the side and make tiny circles

so we'll start off going small and then make the circles larger once.

After you've done this several times you can reverse the direction, so you'll do small circles going backwards and then again just enlarging those circles

3. Now once our shoulders are warm we can stretch out the back part of our shoulders and our back

To do that clasp your hands in front of you and turn them outwards and then extend your arms.
One way you can intensify this stretch is if you look down to get some of the stretch feeling in your neck area.
Hold that for 10 or 15 seconds and then release

4. Stretch out the top of your shoulder or your trapezius

Stretch where you grab the bottom of your chair.
Once you have a hold of your chair tilt your head over to the right side, and then look up to the left. This will intensify the stretch and the side of your neck and then again in that trapezius muscle.
Hold that for just a few seconds come back up to an upright position and then switch arms. so we'll now grab the chair with our right hand and tilt the head to the left side.
And then looking up to the right corner, you'll now feel this on the right side of your neck and the right side of your upper back or your trapezius

5. Stretch out your chest and the front of your shoulders or your deltoids

To do that clasp your hands behind your back.
While you're sitting in your chair you'll raise your hands and puff out your chest and look upwards
When you do this you'll feel the stretch right along the top of your chest area
Hold that for 10 or 15 seconds and then release

6. We have one other shoulder exercise that we can do

To do that to stretch the side and the rear deltoids,

well what we'll do is we'll take our right arm across our chest and hold with our left arm right behind the elbow,
And then you'll pull towards your body
An important thing to remember here is to keep your thumb pointing up because that will help with the circulation down your arm,
so as you're doing that hold for 10 or 15 seconds and then release

and to do your other arm take it across your chest remember to have your thumb pointing up pull into your body and hold for 10 or 15 seconds

Here are other tips you can do,

I know that fitting exercise into your working world can be a huge challenge.

So what i want to do is show you a few things you can do to fit more fitness into your working days without looking totally awkward and taking off your boss, because as much as working on your office chair works it's a little bit odd, isn't it?

Here addition tips

7. Add Walking Chance

You can walk to and from work.
Take your office lunch break outside for a walk, and or take your phone calls private phone calls in your office walking around.
Walking is important to make your body fit, and also increase your mood.

8. Remind yourself every hour to get up and hydrate

what I like to do is use my phone alarm and I'll set myself an alarm for an hour later to get up out of my chair walk to the water fountain.
Refill my water bottle and walk back that way.
I don't sit for hours on end at my desk typing and it's a good way to keep myself hydrated and get up and moving throughout my working day

9. Take the stairs if you work at an office space that has stairs available to you

I want you to use them and walk up to your office place and down from your office place,
Or take a long bathroom break and take a few laps up and down the stairs.
I know it sounds silly but it's a great way to fit in a little bit of activity and every little bit counts.
so here's my take home message for you
"move as much as possible don't make excuses"
make it a part of your life

I want you to do leave a comment at the end of this post with one habit you're going to incorporate in your life..🙂