Running to The Gym – 5 Reasons Why You Should Try It!

Most of us do – driving to and from the gym. But there is a fantastic idea. Why you aren't running to the gym at the weekend instead? Let's started to add a little bit extra on the way home to increase the challenge.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should give it a go:

1. Great sense of achievement – Especially when you leave the gym and see everyone else jumping into their cars as you jog past them.

2. Fantastic warm up – Instead of spending time warming up in the gym use the glorious outside as your warm up.

3. Helps to achieve your cardio target – If you are don’t enjoy doing cardio in the gym then running there means you can focus on other exercises at the gym like weights.

4. Saves money on petrol and the environment – by not using your car you are saving money on petrol and helping the environment. Every little helps!

5. Don’t have to worry about parking – I don’t know about yours but some gym is a nightmare for parking at the weekend. Sometimes we have to sit around for 10 minutes just to get a space. Take the stress away by running.

Thanks for reading and please share if you care 🙂