Chest Workout With Dumbbell At Home

If you want to grow your chest, a chest workout with dumbbell can be the best way for you. This is one of the best dumbbell exercises that you can do at home without going to a gym. However, there are some things that you need to pay attention to do this workout so that you can get good result without get any injured. Here are some chest workouts with just two pairs of dumbbells and the floor.

Dumbbell Bridge Press

It’s one of the easiest moves in dumbbell exercises. You just need to get on the floor, lie face up, hold the bridge position, then press your dumbbells above your chest. The angle of the press is allowing a similar motion to a decline press which is it will help work your lower chest.

Make sure you do not just push the weight but you need to focus on your mind-muscle connection. You need to bring the weight up by contracting your chest. If you are just pushing, you are not hitting the chest and all the fibers. If you want your back to be more comfortable, then you can add a mat to lay on along with this dumbbells chest workout.

Floor Dumbbell Pullover

The other of chest workout with dumbbells that you can do at home. This can be a great starting point if you have a lack of mobility in your shoulder or a lack in flexibility. What you need to do first is lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Then hold one dumbbell with your palms facing each other and rest the end of the dumbbell on the floor.

Make sure you keep your elbows tight and the arms close together. Bringing the dumbbell as far as you can away your body and on the way up you need to squeeze your hands together to create a great construction.

Push-Ups With Dumbbells

By doing push-ups with dumbbells, you are gonna get a great stretch in your chest. What you need to is just set yourself in a pushup position with hands on the dumbbells. Nice deep stretch at the bottom slowly and nice contraction at the top.

As we already know, having a nice body can make us feel confident and happy. You will get a good result if you perform the exercises correctly. If you need a chest workout with dumbbells at home without bench equipment, this is going to be amazing routine for you. Find out the other dumbbell workout that you can do at home besides chest workout with dumbbells to make your exercise better!