Top Nine Dumbbell Workouts to Build Muscles

Looking for recommended dumbbell workout routines to build up your muscles? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Admit or not, everyone wants to have a good shape body. You will do anything to have abs, toned chest, muscles on your arms, wide and broad shoulder, or a strong back.

For you to get a good shape body, it does not have to be complicated or even tortures. If your goals are to lose fat quickly, build up muscles, or cardiovascular fitness, you can just a pair of dumbbells.
Let us say that each and every one of us at least has a pair of dumbbells, right? If you can use these dumbbells correctly, then you can achieve your goals quicker. Therefore, to help you plan the workout routine, we will give you nine recommended workouts with dumbbells.

1. Goblet Squat

The first workout routine that you can do using dumbbells is the goblet squat which is also perfect for abs workout with the dumbbell. If you are a first-timer in the working out world, then this move is perfect for you.

Not only goblet squat is perfect for a newbie, but this move is also perfect for those who need a long time to reach the goal. To put it simply, this move is suitable for any level. This move targets specifically on the glute activation while improving your hip and thoracic mobility.

How to do it? First, you need to stand with your feet but wider than your shoulder. Then, you need to hold a dumbbell with your hands and in front of your chest. Next, you need to sit back into a squat position then start back up and repeat the movement.

2. Farmer's Walk

The second workout routine that you can do with dumbbells is the farmer's walk. Just like the name, this workout is actually as simple as taking a walk. There is no exact technique for this movement. However, you will still be able to improve the strenght of your grip.
No special technique does not mean that you will get injured during the process. Instead, this movement will bunch your rotator cuff and protect your shoulder through the irradiation process.
How to do it? You can just walk forward but taking short and quick steps. Set the distance and walk as fast as possible while carrying dumbbells on each of your hands.

3. Bent-Over Row

The next dumbbell workout that you can do is the bent-over row workout. This workout can also be called a back workout with the dumbbell or a shoulder workout with the dumbbell.
The reason is that this workout targets several muscles on the upper body that includes biceps, traps, lats, and also rhomboids. These muscles are the ones that will help you get a perfect V shape. Not only that but this workout can also set your deltoids to help you get the broad shoulder or a T-shirt shoulder.
How to do it? You need to keep your back straight and core tight while you are rowing the dumbbells up to your chest. Then, get lower and repeat the movement.

4. Stiff-Legged Deadlift

The next workout is the stiff-legged deadlift by using each dumbbell on your arms. If you want to work on your lower body, this workout is perfect for you. This workout will help to shape your legs into powerful pins and target the muscles in your lower body.
Not only that but this stiff-legged deadlift assures the entire posterior chain will function properly and effectively. This is to avoid any hip or lower or back injuries. This workout is even considered as one of the great free weight workouts to build the muscles on the lower body but without any injuries.
How to do it? You can just lower the dumbbells down to your feet by extending your waist. Then, you need to return to the starting position slowly and repeat it.

5. One Arm Swing

The next workout that you can do by using dumbbells is this one arm swing movement. This movement is also recommended because it will strengthen the muscles in the posterior chain and also improve your grip strength. Not only that but this movement will also improve your coordination, quadriceps, shoulders, and also lower back muscles.
How to do it? You can just put yourself in a squat position and swing the dumbbell through both of your legs. Then, immediately, bring the dumbbell up to your head while you get back on the standing position. Swap sides and repeat the movement.

6. Bench Press

Want to do a chest workout with the dumbbell? Then, this movement is perfect for you. With the dumbbell in each of your hands, it will allow you to have a better stretch which will help build a bigger and wider chest. You can also improve this movement by squeezing your pecs to gain as many muscle fibers as possible.
How to do it? You need to keep your back straight on the bench while putting your legs down. Then, push up the dumbbells with your hands then back to your chest.

7. Hammer Curl

Care to do an arm workout with the dumbbell? If you do, then this movement is perfect for you. This workout will definitely help you to win the race that needs both of your arms. But, as long as you follow the conquer and divide rule. Meaning, you need to focus on each arm at a time to create a neural drive, which then will help you to gain more muscle fibers.
How to do it? You need to curl up each dumbbell towards the opposite shoulder. Then, get back to the starting position and repeat this movement on the other side.

8. Step-Ups

The next workout that you can do by using dumbbells is the step-ups. This workout will help you to maximize the gluteus maximus which is a major muscle for extending, adducting, abducting, and rotating.
How to do it? You need to place your right foot on a bench and then lift yourself up. Then, switch the foot and repeat the movement.

9. Dumbbell Cross

The last dumbbell workout is this movement which can help you to avoid tears, rotator cuff, and shoulder impingement. How to do it? You can arc the dumbbells to the sides of your body but keep your arms straight. Do not stop until you feel a powerful stretch on your shoulder. Then, get back to the first position.