Healthy Menus that You Can Eat After Workout

What to eat after workout? Consuming healthy menus after working out is as important as consuming food to build muscles in order to get optimum results. Working out triggers protein breakdown in the body so that it lacks energy.

In order to regain the energy, the body needs time and supporting foods. So, what are the recommended healthy menus after working out?

Fruity Yogurt and Nuts

Mix yogurt, berries, bananas, or kiwi and add almonds as your healthy menu after physical training. This healthy menu can fulfill the body’s need for protein and carbohydrates which lost during exercise. Even by only consuming bananas can already help you to fulfill the need for carbohydrates.

Cereals and Nuts

The next healthy menu of what to eat after workout is cereals and nuts. Combine your favorite cereal with milk and almonds. It is really easy to make this healthy menu. Without spending too much time, you can fulfill your body’s need for protein and carbohydrates which lost during physical training. It can also help you to regain energy.

Fruit Salad

Easily make a bowl of fruit salad by mixing kiwi and pineapples. Besides rich in vitamins, pineapples and kiwi are easy to digest and are helpful to breakdown amino acids. In addition, those fruits can also prevent muscle inflammation. You can also add other fruits that contain a lot of water, such as watermelons.


If you want something practical to eat after working out, you can consume oatmeal. Mix oatmeal and milk in a bowl and mix it evenly. Then, cook it with medium heat for several minutes. There are even instant oatmeals for a more practical healthy menu. You can serve your oatmeal with berries or bananas as a topping.

Egg Sandwich

Eggs contain a lot of nutrients and easy to serve. For this healthy menu, cook a sunny side up egg and combine it with toasted bread as a filling. You can also add avocados. Or, you can replace avocados with vegetables and replace eggs with tuna or chicken. It’s up to you!

Beef Sandwich

Cook minced beef, minced red onions, soy sauce, peppers, salt, and tomato sauce for around 5 minutes to 7 minutes. Cook it until it becomes brownish. Then, serve it with bread or burger bun as a healthy menu. You can also add vegetables such as cucumbers or lettuce.

Those are the healthy menus of what to eat after workout.