Food Insight – How Much Protein to Build Muscle?

How much protein to build muscle should be eaten per day? Of course, a few other nutrients have important roles as well when it comes to building your muscles. However, the protein is king so you should monitor the protein intake if you want to build your muscle.

How much should I eat?

According to the DRI or Dietary Reference Intake, per kilogram of your body weight needs 0.8 grams protein. Roughly, how much protein to build muscle for a sedentary man needs 56 grams of protein while a sedentary woman needs 46 grams of protein per day.

The number is enough to prevent protein deficiency. However, further studies have proven that it is not enough to make an optimal body composition. In the end, one’s protein intake depends on several factors like health state, physics goals, muscle mass, age, and activities.

Why should You Care?

When it comes to food to build muscle, protein comes on top of the list. The presence of protein will boost the making process of muscles, organs, tendons, skin, hormones, and other tiny molecules in our body. Excluding protein from your diet would be very impossible.

In general, all essential amino acids are provided by animal protein. This can be happening because animal tissues are similar to human tissues. It could be pretty challenging if you are a vegan but I also have an article about the source protein vegan.

Gain Strength and Muscle

For your information, muscles are made of protein, largely. The simple math is that you need more protein to break down and rebuild muscles. Other than adding more protein to your diet, you need to do weight lifting.

On the other hand, you also need to reduce your body fat. If you follow a special diet to build muscle, it would not focus much on the calorie percentage but you will know that protein intake is the forte here.

How to Get Enough Protein

Your diet is the first of everything. Regulating and managing your diet would be essential. Some sources that may boost your protein intake include dairy products, eggs, fish, and meat. If you want to combine with some plants, you can include nuts, legumes, and quinoa to your diet as well.

However, many people do not bother to track their protein intake. Meanwhile, it is essential to know how much you eat, especially if you want to build muscle. And this is the end section of “how much protein to build muscle”.