What Is A Rock Lee Workout?

If you know the famous anime Naruto, then you must know about Rock Lee workout. I will break down this hardcore but exciting workout so you can be strong like Rock Lee too.

What this workout is about

In Naruto, Rock Lee is a ninja who is almost always seen training. His training regime encompasses many methods from push-ups, handstand walkins, to rope jumping.

The workout might look extreme. But as Rock Lee’s motto says: “If I can't do this, I must do this!” The regimen is all about doing the impossible.

The good thing about Rock Lee’s workout routine is it includes the five components of physical fitness. The exercises cover muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Coupled with the right diet, the routines will give you the perfect body composition!

Sample Rock Lee workout

As a rule of thumb, anything goes as long as you strive to do the impossible! But I’ve listed a routine that’s as close as to what Rock Lee does in the anime. You can try this workout to condition yourself for Rock Lee-level hardcore workout.

For beginners:

50 push-ups

50-yard (45 meters) hand walk

500 times jump rope

50 straight punches

50 roundhouse kicks

100 squats

Either 5 x 50 yard (45 meters) or 2 x 90-degree sprints


100 push-ups

100-yard (90 meters) hand walk

1000 times jump rope

100 straight punches

100 roundhouse kicks

200 squats

Either 6 x 50 yard (45 meters) or 3 x 90-degree sprints

For the pro:

150 push-ups or 25 push-ups with 1 leg in the air

150-yard (90 meters) hand walk

1500 times jump rope

150 straight punches

150 roundhouse kicks

300 squats

Either 8 x 50 yard (45 meters) or 4 x 90-degree sprints

Diet and rest

Eating a balanced diet is necessary. You require food to build muscle, not just exercise.

To make sure this workout is effective, you might want to avoid taking 3 large meals a day. Instead, take 5 or 6 small meals. It will keep your blood sugar level more consistent throughout the day.

You’ll need sufficient protein too. This can come from two protein shakes a day, preferably after working out.

And don’t forget to rest too! Doing the impossible doesn’t mean not having any rest. In fact, resting helps your body to build strength and endurance.

Now you’re ready to do your own Rock Lee workout!