What is the Best Exercise for Overweight People?

You might wonder what’s the suitable exercise for overweight people, especially if you are currently overweight. There are many exercise options and programs available for you.

Generally, there are three styles of exercise that you could follow. It’s called cardio and muscle workout or weight lifting. You could also combine these exercises with proper portions.

Cardio Exercises Burns More Calories

Formerly known as aerobic exercise, cardio is more about moderate-intensity exercise for a relatively long period of time. It’s known to burn calories more and fast.

It’s called cardio because when you do cardio, your heart will raise into the heart rate rhythm target. Examples of cardio exercises are long jogging, cycling, and swimming.

Now there is also a new trend for cardio exercises like aqua jogging. If you have a joint problem, you might like this cardio exercise. Water helps reduce joint load and impact.

Researchers figure out that cardio really helps you lose weight since it burns a lot of calories. 30 minutes of moderate jogging could burn around 250 calories. But if you do weight lifting for the same amount of time, it only burns around 150-220 calories.

Weight Lifting or Muscle Workout Burns More in the Long Run

Despite it burns fewer calories, it still considered a significant exercise for overweight people. Even, weight lifting is considered more effective, because it builds muscle and muscle burns more fat.

Not only that, weight lifting also increases the resting metabolic rate. It also lasts for a quite long time, even up to 38 hours after the session. So, weight lifting is not burning calories directly, but in the long run, it burns more calories.

Muscle work is not always about gym. You could do it by yourself, but if you have instructor you could know if you do things wrong. You could also see infographic or guide video for Push up, pull up, sit up. Crunches, chin up and other work out.

By doing Bench press, overhead press, leg press you are not only burning fat but also building muscle. Not only burning fat tissue Deadlift will also strengthen your bones.

So, if you think that there is too much fat on your stomach, you can do crunches and sit up workout. And if you have too much fat on your thighs, you could do leg press.

Get a Personal Instructor

If you go to a gym for the first time, make sure you learn things well from the instructor. You could get a personal guide for your losing weight program. The experts know what is best and what will work for different people.

Not only that, you could also get your diet food to build muscle managed by instructor. Because it’s all futile if you don’t get the nutrition right.

So, both cardio and weight lifting both have benefits that complement each other. Be patient and consistent with the exercise for overweight people and you would get the ideal body weight and a healthier lifestyle.