Workout and Food to build muscle

Training is one of the most important parts of bodybuilding you train every day to build lean and frim muscle but don’t forget that you also need nutritional food to build muscle. It was a common mistake when build muscle without nutrition such as the Protein that heals and repairs your muscle perfect for bodybuilders, carbs are also helping in muscle recovery, and fat promotes muscle growth.

People often forget that nutrition is one of the best things for your muscles, imagine having nutrition to assist your muscle to regenerate and form faster and possibly with less training you can form your muscles perfectly. Diet consisting of beneficial nutrition combined with the training regime will boost your gain considerable but of course, everything is in moderation

Nutrition That You Need

To make the best out of your diet you need to know what you need to build your muscle, it was not recommended that you just train your muscles without nutrition knowing the benefit you can have. For starters, we often question how much protein to build muscle you can take or what kind of whey protein shakes as source protein vegan. Below is what nutritional value you should take to increase your muscle gain other than training.

For calories, you need 16 to 20 time the of your body weight (pound)

Protein needs 0.81-1 gram per pound of your bodyweight.

You also need Fats 0.3 to 0.5 gram per pound of your bodyweight.

You need carbohydrates for the remainder of calories

And fiber aim for 20 to 30 gram of fiber every day

What To Eat

In the case of you knowing the benefit of nutrition supply on your training will make sure that you provide extra consideration to pick and decide what to eat before a workout and what to eat after a workout. To make the best of food to build muscle you need to know what food provides nutritional value to assist your workout. This diet also beneficial as weight loss tips for women.

What To Eat Before Workout

For easy and fast breakfast in the morning, a whole-grain toast with peanut butter and banana slices are for you, banana is rich in potassium, combined with peanut butter that has healthy fat and toast that stabilize sugar in your blood.

· Chicken With Rice And Vegetables

The fats from chicken provide healthy fat to slow down hunger combined with the steamed vegetable that has fiber in it that helps with your daily fiber intake. Best before gym training.

· Oatmeal And Protein Powder

There is a complex carb inside of oatmeal that able to stay inside your body a bit longer than others will provide enough stamina through your training session and protein powder that has straight forward name that provides various nutrition, you can add antioxidants such as blueberries to prevent cells damage.

· Scrambled Eggs And Vegetable

You can scramble an egg for the benefit of the eight essential amino acids that help your recovery and veggies to provide fiber and nutrients.

· Protein Smoothie

This kind of smoothie before training is easiest and fastest to consume combined with almond milk or other addition such as banana or blueberry, the protein will make sure it fills what nutrient you need before the workout, the banana will give enough potassium and blueberry will provide antioxidant to avoid cells damage.

What To Eat After Workout

After you did your training and workout it was the best for you replenish your energy and find the nutrition that is necessary for your muscle recovery and also avoiding cramps after workout. Below are the answers to what to eat after a workout.

· Tuna Sandwich On Grain Bread

Tuna is rich in proteins that help with muscle repair and build your muscle and grain bread helps with blood-sugar-stabilizer carbohydrate. If you want to add extra fibers add some salad that fits the tuna sandwich.

· Protein Shakes And Banana

Not only good for before workout protein shakes and banana proved to be enough as after workout food to build muscle, but the protein also shakes will provide essential amino acids that help muscle recovery and growth while potassium within bananas helps with keeping the balance of body fluid and good for nervous systems.

· Cottage Cheese And Fruits

Don’t be fooled by its name, cottage cheese is almost if not is pure casein protein that helps your muscle growth without the property of lactose that known reside within dairy products, with cottage cheese lactose intolerant can also enjoy and consume the benefit of protein with all the essential amino acids, and fruits provide vitamins.

Workouts You Can Easily Do At Home

Doing workouts at the gym is the norm nowadays but sometimes you may have so little time in your hand so you need to make do for your daily workout need.

Cardio Workout At Home

Cardio is one of the best workouts to increase the strength of your heart and lungs, the great part of this exercise is you don’t need big spaces. For example, doing jumping jacks for 30 seconds in repetition will provide a health benefit for your lungs and heart. Unlike US Navy workout or US Army Workout this cardio workout is easier to handle such as Jose Belly-fat Exercise that burns fat through cardio based workout. Exercise tips for overweight people, do cardio workout that doesn’t do much stress to joints and starts small.

SuperHero Workouts

Superheroes that appear on cartoons or anime will provide enough inspiration from their fans either children or grown ups. From our perspective, there is no such thing as an instant gain of muscle and strength, therefore, a lot of people on the internet started to post their workout regime that fun and also befitting of their favorite cartoon characters such as Goku Workout, Saitama Workout, Rock-lee workout, and somehow anime series character Baki Workout. These workout guides proved to be helpful, fun and very easy to follow such as Saitama Workout that consists of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 KM of running. This workout offers endurance, very easy to do and without equipment.

Bruce Lee Workout

Bruce Lee is famous for its appearance in Movies about martial arts and still dubbed as one of the best martial artists known today. This, of course, makes people looking for his daily workout and routines, from Bruce lee regime people, began to build guide that easy and clear to follow, the regime volume consists of 4 days per week. Day one is by working on the upper body, a second-day full body and endurance, the third day is a day of rest day, the fourth day focused on the lower body, fifth-day workout for full-body endurance, and the sixth day is a day of rest day. Don’t forget Food to Build Muscle.


Here are some useful tips for people with certain conditions.

For lactose intolerant you can have the benefit of whey protein without lactose with Whey Isolate products. For people with egg allergy please avoid consuming egg based protein as the most common ingredient within protein please carefully inspect product before purchase. Carrying a phone is a must as exercise tips for diabetic for easier access to medical attention. Don’t forget you need Food To Build Muscle.