4 Exercise for Arm Workout With Dumbbell

The activity of arm workout with dumbbell is an effort in the form of training or building arm muscles in the body. A small but shaped and visible body shape naturally becomes everyone's dream. Generally, most people to train these muscles by doing activities in the form of push-ups.

Push up is the choice of almost every many people because of its activities and activities that are very cheap. You just need strong endurance at push-ups, good push up positions, that is a sufficient condition to be able to train your arm muscles.

In addition, doing push-ups can be done anywhere. Moreover, push-ups can be done in almost all ages and genders, from small, teenagers, adults, men, and women. Every sports activity at school will definitely teach or do these push-up activities for students.

So, it's only natural besides being cheap, push-ups have been introduced early so that almost everyone knows and can do it, and that doesn't make it difficult for them to do it.

However, if you do arm workout with dumbbell of course it's very different from push-ups, because this activity is a dumbbell workout. Namely, we do the exercise using a dumbbell changing tool, while push-ups do not require tools.

The following 4 exercises that I can recommend for you who want to train the arm muscles.

Bicep curls

Do this exercise by standing up straight and holding dumbbells in your hands

Then place it on your thighs and your hands are facing up.

Bend your elbows, do it slowly and take turns in turns with each arm.

Perform 12 to 15 times the movement

Hammer curl

Do this exercise with you in a sitting position.

Then hold the dumbbell in front of your shoulders and fit the shoulder height with palms facing each other.

Do it alternately and take turns between one dumbbell with another.

Do as many as 30 movements

Dumbbell lateral and front raise

Do it by standing straight and relax your knees.

Then straighten your shoulders and chest.

Hold dumbbells in both hands.

Raise your arms to the side of your body to shoulder height and lower back.

Do as many as 15 movements

Triceps extension

Do this exercise with a sitting position.

The body and chest must be upright.

Take a dumbbell and lift it with hand above your head.

Place the dumbbell vertically behind your head with your elbows bent.

Perform up to 12 to 15 movements when doing this arm workout with dumbbell.